Healthy Banana and Peanut Butter Shake

For my first food post, I thought I would share a very quick and simple snack smoothie recipe! Not only is this shake delicious, it’s also really healthy and nutritious! Essentially, it tastes just like a banana milkshake but without all the unhealthy components. I like to have this as a light afternoon snack or after a workout as it’s packed with protein!

 Here are the ingredients you will need:

As you can see, they are few and simple! 

I didn’t provide you with exact proportions because it really doesn’t need to be perfect. If you prefer to have a thicker consistency, use less almond milk and if you like a thinner consistency, use more! I like to add chia seeds to my smoothies because they don’t really add any flavour but they are packed with nutrients. However, if you don’t have any, you can easily omit them! If you are drinking this post workout, you can probably add protein powder to this as well. I just personally prefer to stay away from things like that.

I also think strawberries or blueberries would make great additions to the recipe!

 Blend it all together and you are left with a delicious snack!

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